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LP. Deadbolt : Voodoo Trucker.

Image of LP. Deadbolt : Voodoo Trucker.


US Import.
The worlds scariest band ?....Apparently. Muisc to give you nightmares ?....So they claim !

Deadbolt have been around a while, releasing their first album in 1992 (Shrunken Head) and 11 albums in total, never originally released on vinyl (This is album number 5 from 1999)....Voodoobilly for cool ghouls !
Our buddies over at Pig Baby Records (Schizophonics, 5678's, Bloodshot Bill) are releasing the Deadbolt back catalogue on vinyl and about time too....14 tracks of spooky voodoobilly trucking songs...What more do you want !....Great artwork too.

Oh and yeah...It's a bit Crampsy in places.