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LP. Mini Skirt Blues : S/T. Limited Edition.


Release date : 9th of August 2020.

Limited edition. 100 copies of Pink in Black vinyl, 200 copies Black vinyl.

Check this out :

Why this was never released at the time of recording is totally beyond me....A 15 year wait is a long time !!! This is the nearest thing the UK got to The Monsters (Beatman & Co) sound. 14 blistering tracks of wild Trash, a perfect mix of Savage 60's Punk and Psychotic Rockabilly...Ala Demented Scumcats / The Vibes / Rev Beatman.
Features 'Titch' of The Klingonz on vocals and the connection doesn't stop there as this was mastered for vinyl by 'Doyley' at Diablo and the fab artwork was done by K.Rat (Gilles, of the equally great 'Garbage Bags').

1st 100 copies come in a very special shade of vinyl (only available here at Trash Wax).

100% pure crazed musical mayhem.....

Sold Out