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OUT NOW. CD : Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dogfood. Complete Vip Vop Tape.


Oh my...30 years ago the LP Forbidden City Dogfood was released, what most folk didn't know was that the LP was less than half the original recording made by Lux Interior...Now for the first time ever you get to hear the FULL recording of over an hour ! Remastered from an original tape and beautifully packaged...As the recording is so long it's only been made available on CD, which is a shame as it would have made a wonderful double LP (Hint, hint)! but I guess as half of it is out on vinyl for last 30 years probably doesn't make sense.

Anyway, this is jam packed full of killer tunes and the crazy madness that Lux included between songs....Truly AWESOME !