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CD The Shockwaves : No Way In, No Way Out ! Ltd Edition 250 copies.


Out Now !

Woah ! This is a stunning release ! a real piece of TRASH history..Recorded nearly 30 years ago by Dave Goodman who had produced the Sex Pistols for release on Mike Spencer's Hit Records never happened ! But we have put it out as a VERY limited 250 copies pressing !
I suppose you can call this the second volume in The 'Trash From Beyond The Grave' series...there's plenty more coming too !

Very influenced by The Vibes and early Purple Things...and boy does it show !...A pure Trash fest !
Members went onto be parts of Orbital, The Shamen, Diabolix and The Dustophonics.....Check out the full story on the web/blog site 'Trash, Garage Garbage & Other Delights'


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